Busy times with Marion Art group and……

Spinifex Pigeon

Spinifex Pigeon

Outback Erosion

Outback Erosion

Marion Art Group (MAG) activities are keeping me pretty busy while I try to consistently chip away at paintings for the Maxwell Winery Exhibition in September.

The Marion Cultural Centre Gallery M exhibition for MAG is about to finish and my two pieces have not sold ….but, another painting ‘The young hunter’ is about to be hung at the Red House exhibition at he same venue. This painting, which is of a white faced Heron about to strike, may be more appealing to viewers.!!??????? who knows??

The MAG exhibition at Pasadena Shopping Centre was very successful for us. About 50 pieces sold, of which 2 were mine, shown here on the right.

My progress and ideas for September’s one man show continue to evolve. I now have four watercolours  framed and four 600 x 600 mm canvases of various ‘vintage’ interpretations, completed.  The latest finished piece is a 700 x 500 canvas “Tranquillity in Old Noarlunga” which features the old ‘Tranquil Zone’ shop framed with Jacarandas in full flower.

I am now about to embark on a series  on the theme of ‘Preserving the Past’. Each piece to feature the use of  sepia tones, but with a full coloured human focal point to emphasise how important it is for our intervention to help maintain our historical heritage  on the Fleurieu Peninsular. I have experimented with brush and sepia ink  and have now fully planned  two small acrylics on canvas. One of the cockle train at Goolwa home base and the other of paddle steamer ‘Oscar’ at Milang wharf. The tricky part will be creating the sepia tones in acrylic. I suspect burnt sienna and cadmium yellow will play a part!!!!……………. I need another photo shoot on the Peninsular to provide material for more work on this series.

With four months to go before the opening of the exhibition September 24, I feel in control at this stage. I do have another 10 pieces to do, and a couple of those will be large feature canvases, which I am really looking forward to tackling!!!!

More progress reports to follow.




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