One Man Exhibition Process- March 2014

Developments are occurring and plans adapting.

I am now in the process of creating three pieces at the same time. A watercolour and two acrylic canvases all in various states of completion.

Already completed: 2 canvases and 3 watercolours.

It turns our that the opening will be two weeks later than originally thought and now will take place Saturday 27th September, 5.30 to 7.00pm.

So if anything I am ahead in my planned schedule.

I am in the mode of representing Fleurieu Peninsular vintage buildings, artefacts, icons and environment in my  ‘naturalistic’ style and am reluctant  to complicate matters by trying to add hidden meanings.

I am trying to emphasise the colour and texture in 1850’s stone walls, elderly trees and old atefacts. I am hoping that it is the glow from layers of wash and glaze that will communicate the lustre, age and beauty of these subjects and so making them appealing to the general public and tourists passing through.

I am currently working on images of McLaren Vale Wineries. Owners will be invited to the opening!!!!!

I do have a master plan of all works to be completed with photos selected as references from my several hundred taken over the last few weeks.

but…….the plan is constantly changing as I complete work and as I seek the right balance of images for the walls of the gallery at Maxwell Wines.

I find myself thinking about the design aspects of filling the gallery space with out over filling it , and allocating feature paintings to particular walls. I feel that the three big paintings I have planned need to be off-set with more affordable small pieces which will be grouped according to their subject matter. These may well be the ‘bread and butter’ paintings that will be appealing to the tourist trade as it passes through.

Of course I can’t reveal any work completed until after the exhibition… no pics yet!!!

Until the next update……….next report will be about the various Marion Art Group activities coming up over the next few months.

Triptych SOLD


This gallery contains 3 photos.

The Victor Harbor Rotary Art Show was down on sales a little this year due to hot weather. I was lucky enough to sell ‘Lighthouses of Western Australia’………my first sale in this prestigious event.  

Starting the process of a ‘One Man Show’

Currency Creek B&B watercolour in progress.

Currency Creek, Kingsbrook Inn :- watercolour in progress

.The artists studio, watercolour in progress

The artists studio, watercolour in progress

Much to think about! Some very sound planning is required!!

Costs to me?  17 canvasses, 4 watercolours, framed. Using a local professional backyard framer and stretcher maker. I have found a great price on-line, for a roll of canvas, 10 oz double primed, 10 metres which will cut down on costs enormously.

Maxwell Winery/Gallery will organise advertising, printing, invitations and wine at the opening.  I provide the nibbles.  Excellent!!

My prices must be affordable. I obviously want to sell!…….. I will need to sell 6-8 paintings out of the 21 including at least one large canvas to break even.

Theme/title of exhibition  to be “VINTAGE FLEURIEU”. So the subjects need to be all things old and/or winery related. historic buildings, artefacts, sheds, farming equipment, old vehicles, not forgetting old trees and Yakkas etc for aesthetic appeal.

I must not lose sight of making sure that the historic nature of my subjects must be composed to ensure they are aesthetically appealing. Do I make deep and meaningful historical statements? or keep entirely to communicating the beauty of light and shadow on ‘vintage’ subjects from the Fleurieu peninsular??? something to think about further.!!!

Trips to the Fleurieu peninsular to be planned and early morning and late afternoon photo opportunities to be factored in.

Already trip to Goolwa/Victor Harbor has been quite fruitful. Cockle train,  paddle steamers, old bridges and historic buildings have been photographed. Some of the lighting is not ideal and may have to go back to reshoot at different times of the day.

Now starting on some watercolours while waiting for canvasses to be made.

The process has started.








Winner of "Peoples Choice', City of Marion Art Exhibition, 2013/14

Winner of “Peoples Choice’, City of Marion Art Exhibition, 2013/14

As I immerse myself in the process of searching for inspiring images for my Exhibition at Maxwell Wines in September, a phone call interrupts my snapping of historic buildings in Goolwa.

“This is Gallery M calling! James your painting in the City of Marion Art Exhibition has won ‘Peoples Choice!”

Trying to remain calm I am stunned into silence.

“James are you there???”

” I didn’t realise that so many of my friends and family came to see the exhibition” I quip.

The winning painting is now to be a feature of the Maxwell Wines Exhibition…displayed with the the award certificate…..hopefully to encourage people to BUY!!





Exciting times within the Green household in the lead up to Christmas and the New Year. Memories of our wonderful trip to the Kimberley Ranges, WA come flooding back with a communication through this web-site from Anthea, indigenous guide at the Mimbi Caves……reminding me that I wanted to try a portrait of her. So,  inspired to make the attempt at capturing her natural beauty, I have completed the painting and am now waiting for permission before posting a photo of the piece on this website.

Wreckollections, Silverton NSW 2. Acrylic on Canvas, 750 x 500 mm.

Wreckollections, Silverton NSW 2.
Acrylic on Canvas, 750 x 500 mm.

I entered the above painting into the 12th Annual city of Marion community Art Exhibition displayed during November and December 2013. As yet not sold, but………….through the viewing of this painting I have been offered a one-man exhibition at Maxwell Wines through out September and October 2014.

An amazing opportunity has been provided out of the blue.

I will have a ready-made audience as the exhibition will be part of the Fleurieu Peninsular Art Trail that takes place every year.

Needless to say I have accepted!!

This will put any major travel plans for 2014 on hold, but that is fine!

More will follow as I navigate the process of working toward a one-person exhibition through out the first eight or nine months of 2014.

……and this while I take on some committee responsibilities with the Marion Art Group.

Busy and exciting times.

A happy Christmas and new year to all.


Success at Hallett Cove

A good result for me at the Hallett Cove Shopping centre exhibition. The Marion Art Group sold 41 of which 5 were mine!!!. We struggle to sell enough bigger, more expensive pieces to finish ahead at these exhibitions. Much to my delight, my larger canvas, ‘Dairy Country, Bega, NSW’ did sell. See gallery page Hallett Cove Exhibition to view those sold.

Six of my small unsold works from this exhibition have now been consigned to the Marion Cultural Centre art shop. I have ‘upped’ the price a little as this seems to be the practice amongst other MAG members. They are still cheap at $80 each ($68 after commission).

Also coming up in November is the City of Marion Art Exhibition at Gallery M. My entry into this is my ‘Wreckollections, Silverton, NSW’ which I an now attempting to sell for the second time. Fingers Crossed. The opening is at  2.00pm, Sunday 14 November

Hallet Cove shopping centre exhibition soon.

The Marion Art Group’s last major exhibition for the year will take place at Hallet Cove Shopping centre starting Monday 14th October and ending Sunday 27th . Viewing times will take place at normal shopping centre open times. I am now ready with my contributions to this exhibition and for the first time I have a full screen. I have been busy with small drawings and paintings of subjects inspired from our recent trip away to Western Australia and the far North. Below is a brief sample of what I have been working on.

Vlamingh Head Lighthouse, Exmouth WA
acrylic on canvas, 100 X 300 mm

Vlamingh Head Lighthouse, Exmouth WA'Black Kite, culinary choices'

‘Black Kite, culinary choices’

'Azure Kingfisher'

‘Azure Kingfisher’


An inspiring holiday

We are now back from our trip clockwise around Western Australia, Northern Territory and back home down the middle of Australia. Two and a half months of adventure, fun and inspiration in an incredibly diverse countryside.

As a result, some black and white brush,pen and ink illustrations of the strikingly handsome, elegent, streamlined….. and profuse, top-end Black Kites are now in the process of creation. These to be included in Marion Art Group’s next exhibition at Hallett Cove Shopping Centre in October….(along with other pieces not sold at earlier exhibitions this year.) Also for this exhibition my unconventional interpretation of the theme of ‘SPRING’, a small acrylic to attract the men buyers???

….watch this space to see what I come up with………..

I am now also a member of the Marion Cultural Centre’s art group ‘Red House’ which entitles me to contribute to several group exhibitions through out the year. Coming up in November is the 12th Annual City of Marion, Community Art Exhibition. I will enter my ‘Wreckollections, Silverton, NSW,’ left unsold at the last Rotary Exhibition. Hopefully this time the right person will spy and buy it.

Before the end of the year I also want to complete a major acrylic of a dramatic scene from our Kimberly Ranges adventure and also, my first ever major portrait of one of our indigenous guides. (media undecided)

So many images in my head and hundreds of photos to inspire me……….

Below some pieces recently gifted:


‘Old Leather’ : Brush, Pen and ink.

(From one of my many photos taken at Dubbo Zoo visited 2012)

Wallaroo Rocks

‘Wallaroo Rocks’ acrylic on canvas board.

( From a family camping holiday early 2013)



Exhibition Sales

The Westfield Marion shopping centre exhibition for MAG was quite successful for some of us. I sold  two small unframed pieces which was OK for the first time I have exhibited with the group. The general shopping public were reluctant to spend money on art and in the main it was the cheaper pieces that were sold.

My two were both pen/brush and ink drawings.

Abandoned Hut, Silverton Abandoned Hut, Silverton'Yakka, Flinders Range's ‘Yakka, Flinders Rangers’

I have a number of unsold framed watercolours and acrylics to consider their method of distribution. Several opportunities should come up with MAG before we go on our big trip early June.

I now need to finish off my three pieces of work for the Lions Club Glenside exhibition on 23rd to 28th May at the Burnside Town Hall.