2016 starts with a bang!

With the new year came some good news . Two paintings sold at the Victor Harbor Rotary Art Show. I was very pleased that these little ‘mono-triptych’s ( perhaps I have invented a new term??) were appreciated by someone and snapped up at the opening.

'Get Down Man" mono-triptych, watercolour, 500 X 180 mm framed. SOLD

‘Get Down Man” mono-triptych, watercolour, 500 X 180 mm framed. SOLD

'That's mine' : Mono-Triptych, watercolour, 420 X  200 mm framed SOLD

‘That’s mine’ : Mono-Triptych, watercolour, 420 X 200 mm framed SOLD

Better still , for the second time in three years I won the ‘Viewers Choice’ Award at the City of Marion Art exhibition from 150 other entrants. The piece was “Tree Life, Belair” 1.2 metres tall and 500mm wide, and one of my ‘hidden creature’ style of paintings. These do seem to be popular with viewers. However it didn’t sell. I did ask more than I usually do on advice from other artists so may have priced myself out of a sale.  Now it  has been ear marked for the Goolwa Rotary Show coming up mid March.

I am currently working on another ‘hidden creature’ painting to go with  ‘Tree Life, Belair’. This one is of the local Goolwa environment and features water birds.

The Marion Art Group has reconvened and is already shaping up for an interesting year. I have been busy producing eleven small paintings for our first exhibition of the year at Colonnades Shopping Centre starting on Monday March 7. I sold quite well at the Colonnades exhibition last year so hope for a repeat this year.

Happy reading and viewing to my supporters  who regularly log into this blog.


Marion Art Group News

The Marion Art Group (MAG) has had another great year with three successful major exhibitions at local shopping centres. We have made  a significant donation to Parkinsons SA  from our Raffled art work  at each exhibition. I was thrilled to be asked to donate one of the paintings  for this cause.

The final exhibition in October at Marion Westfield Shopping Centre was  again very well received by the public. Sales were not prolific, but we were very happy with the quality and diversity of the pieces exhibited.  Personally I didn’t sell any pieces this time, but many other members did sell, in some cases for the first time. (always a bonus!!)

The big news is the group has ended the year with the birth of its very own web site. We have spent some time in the latter part of the year developing this site and we are pleased with the finished product. Have a look  and leave a comment on the contact page if you can.


A very Happy Christmas and wonderful new year to my readers, viewers and supporters.

I’m looking forward to the new year and the creative opportunities it always brings.


……..and finally a word from the artist after a long break from updating this site. Contributing to exhibitions, caravan tours in search of warmer weather and commitments on our return have impeded my ability enter a post.

I am very flattered to have observed a constant flow of emails indicating a lot of traffic on this web-site/blog of late …and so it is important for me to let readers/viewers know how I have been progressing.

Back in May, the Marion Art Group’s exhibition at the Colonnades Shopping Centre was a great success, and I was thrilled to sell the five pieces below.

Milang Station, SA Acrylic on canvas: 400 X 300 mm. SOLD

Milang Station, SA
Acrylic on canvas: 400 X 300 mm. SOLD

Rose Eden House, Goolwa Watercolour: 40 X 50 mm framed. SOLD

Rose Eden House, Goolwa
Watercolour: 40 X 50 mm framed. SOLD

Life at Mambray Creek, SA Watercolour: 500 X 400 mm framed. SOLD

Life at Mambray Creek, SA
Watercolour: 500 X 400 mm framed. SOLD

New Life at Mambray Creek, SA Watercolour, 400 X 500 framed. SOLD

New Life at Mambray Creek, SA
Watercolour, 400 X 500 framed. SOLD

'Abandoned Shed reclaimed'  acrylic on canvas, 750 x 450 mm. SOLD

‘Abandoned Shed reclaimed’
acrylic on canvas, 750 x 450 mm. SOLD

At the same time the Lions Club of Glenside exhibition at the Burnside Hall was taking place and sold 2 out of 3 entries below.

Red Ruin, Strathalbyn Road Acrylic on canvas: 600 X 600 mm. SOLD

Red Ruin, Strathalbyn Road
Acrylic on canvas: 600 X 600 mm. SOLD

Red Gums , Strathalbyn Road Acrylic on canvas: 600 X 600 mm, SOLD

Red Gums , Strathalbyn Road
Acrylic on canvas: 600 X 600 mm, SOLD

What a great result for me!!!……….

So  Sharon and I set out for  Alice Springs, at  the beginning of June, in high spirits and enjoyed the magnificent terrain in the red centre. The second half of this holiday was to  Hervey Bay,  lower Queensland , where of course our divergent Australian landscape was different again. I managed to complete a total of four small pieces whilst away and sold one on location at Hastings Point, NSW to the caravanner parked next door to us.

Sunset at Hastings Point, NSW Acrylic on canvas: 400 X 300 mm. SOLD

Sunset at Hastings Point, NSW
Acrylic on canvas: 400 X 300 mm. SOLD

Now I am trying to prepare for MAG’s  Marion Shopping Centre Exhibition in October. With some home renovations happening at the moment it is hard to find quality time to devote to art , but hopefully I will come up with some new paintings for at least  part of  my contribution to this exhibition.



The Pasadena Shopping Centre  exhibition was very successful for the Marion Art Group. I sold a couple of small unframed pieces shown below.

'Peaceful Bay' acrylic on canvas Board. 20 x 28cm. SOLD

‘Peaceful Bay’ acrylic on canvas Board. 20 x 28cm. SOLD

'Young Magpie' brush and ink. 20 x 15 cm

‘Young Magpie’ brush and ink. 20 x 15 cm

Also, at the Pasadena exhibition my donated painting was raffled and won. Very satisfying for me as all proceeds went to Parkinson’s. Donated painting below.

'The Young Hunter' acrylic on canvas. 700 x 450 mm. Donated and raffled.

‘The Young Hunter’ acrylic on canvas. 700 x 450 mm. Donated and raffled.

Pasadena was proving to be very fruitful for me as I was very lucky to be chosen by one of our potential buyers to do a commission. The resulting negotiations ended in  60 hours of work in the space of 8 days to produce this painting.

Living Kaurna Cultural Centre, Warrapiringa, Final Painting.

Living Kaurna Cultural Centre, Warrapiringa, Final Painting.

Go to the link on this website Commissions to see a step by step visual account of my process.

Other exhibitions: Flagstaff Hill Rotary (none sold). Lions Club of Glenside and MAG Colonnades Shopping Centre exhibition are in progress as I write and am obviously hoping for some sales.

With our three month caravan adventure up to Northern Queensland coming up quickly  now, art production will be somewhat slowed. I will have my art kit with me but not necessarily much time to devote to creation. Hopefully lots of photos taken and inspiration will help a busy period of art creation when we return mid August. I will have  6 weeks  to prepare for the Marion shopping Centre exhibition mid October.


2015 Art Plans

After the usual flurry of activity to restart the calendar year at Marion Art Group, it is now time to plan this year’s program.

6 small pieces have been completed throughout February/March to exhibit at the Pasadena Shopping Centre Exhibition, 16th to the 29th March. Unsold work from Maxwell’s exhibition last year will also be included so meaning I will have a full screen to myself.

Further exhibitions that I have entered this year are:

Flagstaff Hill Rotary Art show  (3 pieces),  16th to 25th April

Lions Club of Glenside Art sow (3 pieces),  21st to 26th May.

and then another MAG exhibition at Colonnades Shopping Centre, Noarlunga 18th to 31st May if I have enough pieces for a screen (or half screen).

Sharon and I are then off on a caravan holiday June, July, August up the middle of Australia and then east to Queensland and up to Port Douglas. We are greatly looking forward to this trip as we haven’t   travelled at any length since the West Australia trip 2013.

When we return there will only be a short time to prepare for the Marion Shopping Centre  Exhibition,  12th to 18th October. I am keen to exhibit at this one, as last year I missed out on it due to the Maxwell exhibition. Hopefully an inspiring holiday interstate will provide some different ideas for this exhibition.

An issue for me to deal with this year is copyright as it applies to visual artists. It has become my job as Vice President of MAG this year, to lead the group in understanding our rules for exhibitions. To clearly define what is “original” and  “copied” art work is problematic. There are some grey areas. We will be conducting a session on this topic in a few weeks time which will involve looking closely at various pieces of work done by the group and identifying what is acceptable and unacceptable.

To help this I am about to produce a piece which is inspired from several different photos of Galahs from the internet. From these I am hoping to create a quirky, humorous watercolour of a group of galah characters feeding in a paddock of my own composition.

Hopefully the point will be seen by our group that you can source visual help without direct copying of images to produce art for sale at exhibition. Hopefully all will appreciate the need to be  squeaky clean, both legally and ethically, when producing ‘original’ art.

Taking the Kids for a Walk Acrylic on canvas, 450 x 300 mm

Taking the Kids for a Walk
Acrylic on canvas, 450 x 300 mm

This piece was completed a few years ago from a photo of an emu that I took and various references of babies from  books and the internet. The background and foreground images were  from my own Flinders Ranges photos

Victor Harbor Art show 2015

Success for me early this year at South Australia’s biggest art show. This is the highlight of  the Rotary/lions clubs art shows program with 1300+ paintings this year. A high quality show with fewer paintings than in previous years which came about due to an on-line application process where paintings were registered on ‘gallery 247’  before formal entry could be made.

I was thrilled to sell two pieces out of the three entered. Excellent result as these were two  large pieces not sold at the Maxwell’s Exhibition late last year.

Another post coming soon outlining the year’s art aims with Marion Art Group.

Early morning at Chapel Hill Winery. Acrylic on canvas, 1000mm x 700mm: SOLD

Early morning at Chapel Hill Winery. Acrylic on canvas, 1000mm x 700mm: SOLD

Wreckollections, Silverton NSW 2. Acrylic on Canvas, 750 x 500 mm.

Wreckollections, Silverton NSW 2.
Acrylic on Canvas, 750 x 500 mm: SOLD

‘Vintage Fleurieu’ one man exhibition

Spirit of McLaren Vale

                         Spirit of McLaren Vale

Exhibition open 10.00 am to 5.00pm at the cellar door, Maxwell Wines, McLaren Vale corner of Chalk Hill and Olivers Road starting from Sunday 28th September until Friday 28th November 2014


The paintings are finished and most of the arrangements have been made. The painting above is my feature piece (one meter square) and is representative of the flavour of the whole exhibition (24 paintings). It is only left to hang the paintings at Maxwell Wines, conduct the opening and then hope that many people visit the exhibition over the subsequent two months.

Maxwell Winery is a great supporter of the Fleurieu Peninsula art scene. What could be better than touring one of the premier wine regions of the world, sipping fine wine and viewing thought provoking art.

To all you art lovers/users of this website who are South Australian, it would be wonderful if you could make it to the exhibition. Any feedback would be gratefully received.


Count down to Exhibition opening

The artist at work

The artist at work

As I count down to the opening of my one-man- exhibition at Maxwell winery towards the end of  September, I have again adjusted my thoughts on the final pieces to be completed.

I am currently working on the last piece, a small 30 x 30 cm canvas which will form a pair with an earlier completed sepia toned image of an old railway water pump at Milang Station. This last piece is an old domestic pump in Willunga and will bring a full stop to my work for this exhibition.

Despite having plenty of time to do more, I will halt my output now, one painting short of what I intended. (24 instead of 25) for a couple of reasons. Firstly because rather than physically squeeze the final painting into the space I have available at Maxwells, I think it is better to spread what I have comfortably into the space. Secondly, and more importantly, because I find my self starting to labour,  trying to force out ideas and motivate myself to complete the task. I must be getting tired and it is time to stop!

It will be great to spend the last month leisurely doing the necessary jobs to prepare for the event itself. Finishing off pieces, varnished and  ready to hang, is one thing I still need to do and preparing labels for paintings, biographical sheets, price lists, advertising flyers to my corporate contacts at clubs and businesses and the second round of invitations still have to be sent to a few people.

I already have RSVPs to the opening for 34 friends and family and others who have said they will come to see the exhibition during the time it is displayed throughout October and November.

Sooooo ……..now to the next level of organisation for this exhibition.


July news.

It’s been a while since my last Post!! …..because I have been busy!!!!

MAG activities are building. We have an exhibition at the Atrium Gallery, Mitcham Village, throughout July and I have two entries out of the 26 on display. We will be at Colonnades Shopping Centre for two weeks early August and then our Stobie Pole painting task in the local community (immediately around the Marino Community Hall), will take place throughout August and September. The Marion Shopping Centre Exhibition is on13th to 19th October. I will help to organise the Stobie Pole activity, but the two shopping centre exhibitions are not on my radar  whilst I concentrate on creating enough paintings for my exhibition toward the end of September.

The Opening of the one-man-show at Maxwell Wines, McLaren Vale will take place on 27th September, Saturday, 6.00 to 7.30pm.

I have now completed 16 pieces, with two others mostly finished and then I have another 7 pieces to complete ( 3, 400x500mm  and 4, 300x300mm canvasses). Total is 25 pieces which has changed over the last few weeks as I have discarded a couple of large canvas ideas to make room for more small pieces which may be more saleable. With the current economy, several other artists I have talked to, are saying keep artwork small in size to make then more affordable. The small canvasses I have left to do will not take me long. With two months to go I think I am in a good non-panic position. I do have to varnish all my completed canvasses yet, and I have a number of tasks like an advertising brochure, articles for newsletters and the exhibition catalogue to produce, but I am feeling good about the way things are going.

It is great to have my artist friends at MAG and family and friends at home to offer advice, help and encouragement. The three finished canvasses of tourist attractions painted in sepia tones, have been well received by others who believe that they will be very appealing to visiting tourists….but who knows what will sell!!!

My ideas and plans have continued to evolve. The small canvasses have inspired me to develop some micro-views of vine leaves, in their states of different stages and colour of their life span. Some experiments in different media (ink and conte) have been discarded, but it is good to try things and have enough material so I can be choosy. (shown below)……More thoughts closer to opening night!!

Milang tractor, mixed media experiment

Milang tractor, mixed media experiment

Willunga pump, conte experiment

Willunga pump, conte experiment