Gallery: drawings

Mother and baby at Wangara Lookout
Brush and ink on watercolour paper, 200 x 200 mm framed, SOLD.

Looking back after St Mary’s Peak walk
Pen on illustration board, 180 x 220 mm framed, SOLD

Muster at Wilpena Station
Brush and ink on watercolour paper, 250 x 200 framed, SOLD

Running sheep at Wilpena Station
Brush and ink on watercolour paper, 250 x 200 framed, SOLD

‘Hills Homestead Wilpena’:
Brush and ink, 200 x 200 framed, SOLD

Rock Sentinels in the Pound
Pen on illustration Board, 500 x 200 mm framed, SOLD

‘Wipena Pound Waterhole Eco-system’:
Pen on illustration board, 500 x 200mm framed. SOLD

‘Copse on the 18th Hole’: Artists pen on illustration Board, 500x 230 mm framed, SOLD

‘Teenage emus at Stokes Hill’ charcoal 360 x 250 mm SOLD

‘Race to Rawnsley’ charcoal on canson paper, 360 x 250 mm, SOLD

‘Emu at Arcaba Hill Lookout’ pen on illustration board 240 x 90 mm SOLD

‘Yaccas at Hucks Lookout (2)’ pen on illustration board, 240 x 90 mm SOLD

“Recolonisation of Braccina Gorge’ pen on illustration board, 450 x 300 mm SOLD

‘Deception’ pen on Illustration Board, 450 x 300mm SOLD

‘Sacred Canyon Rocks’ pen on illustration board 240 x 90 mm framed SOLD

Recent Posts

As 2017 comes to a close….

….I am now ready to provide 5 Paintings for Victor Harbor Rotary Art Show. This event will take place Saturday 13th  to Saturday 20th January…….

…..and my new role as President of the Marion Art Group will keep me off the streets. I am looking forward to working with our committees and members to maintain the good reputation of our group in 2018.

2018 should be an interesting year. I am about to see if I can maintain an artist’s page on facebook as well as this web-site. It may be that this blog may end and continue on my website page soon.

I am also venturing into a series of tiny miniatures as an experiment. They will be 10 x 8 and 10 x 10 centimetres in size. Here is the first that is good enough to reveal. It certainly requires some thought about how to approach working so small.

Lorikeet 1

Happy Christmas and a fantastic New Year to all.

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