Victor Harbor Rotary Art Show

My fourth year at Victor. This year 1110 entries. Down in numbers from previous years. With two days to go approx. 400 paintings sold. All 3 of mine included. This is the first time I have sold all three!. I think this means that I will be invited to submit 5 paintings next time???????

‘Abandoned Cottage’: Acrylic on canvas, 700 X 450 mm, SOLD

‘A Nostalgic Retreat’: Acrylic on canvas, 700 x 450 mm, SOLD

‘Timeless Elegance’: Acrylic on canvas, 700 x 450 mm, SOLD

My painting at the City of Marion Art Exhibition at Gallery M did not sell….but…..a very discerning young lady and her husband wanted to buy it off me to help decorate their newly painted dining room. Of course I didn’t accept payment from flesh and blood!!

‘Renmark Back Waters’: acrylic on canvas, 700 X 450, GIFTED.

This has been an amazingly profitable start to 2017. I now need to get down to some serious creation so I have material for other exhibitions this year.

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