One Man Exhibition Process- March 2014

Developments are occurring and plans adapting.

I am now in the process of creating three pieces at the same time. A watercolour and two acrylic canvases all in various states of completion.

Already completed: 2 canvases and 3 watercolours.

It turns our that the opening will be two weeks later than originally thought and now will take place Saturday 27th September, 5.30 to 7.00pm.

So if anything I am ahead in my planned schedule.

I am in the mode of representing Fleurieu Peninsular vintage buildings, artefacts, icons and environment in my  ‘naturalistic’ style and am reluctant  to complicate matters by trying to add hidden meanings.

I am trying to emphasise the colour and texture in 1850’s stone walls, elderly trees and old atefacts. I am hoping that it is the glow from layers of wash and glaze that will communicate the lustre, age and beauty of these subjects and so making them appealing to the general public and tourists passing through.

I am currently working on images of McLaren Vale Wineries. Owners will be invited to the opening!!!!!

I do have a master plan of all works to be completed with photos selected as references from my several hundred taken over the last few weeks.

but…….the plan is constantly changing as I complete work and as I seek the right balance of images for the walls of the gallery at Maxwell Wines.

I find myself thinking about the design aspects of filling the gallery space with out over filling it , and allocating feature paintings to particular walls. I feel that the three big paintings I have planned need to be off-set with more affordable small pieces which will be grouped according to their subject matter. These may well be the ‘bread and butter’ paintings that will be appealing to the tourist trade as it passes through.

Of course I can’t reveal any work completed until after the exhibition… no pics yet!!!

Until the next update……….next report will be about the various Marion Art Group activities coming up over the next few months.

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