Starting the process of a ‘One Man Show’

Currency Creek B&B watercolour in progress.

Currency Creek, Kingsbrook Inn :- watercolour in progress

.The artists studio, watercolour in progress

The artists studio, watercolour in progress

Much to think about! Some very sound planning is required!!

Costs to me?  17 canvasses, 4 watercolours, framed. Using a local professional backyard framer and stretcher maker. I have found a great price on-line, for a roll of canvas, 10 oz double primed, 10 metres which will cut down on costs enormously.

Maxwell Winery/Gallery will organise advertising, printing, invitations and wine at the opening.  I provide the nibbles.  Excellent!!

My prices must be affordable. I obviously want to sell!…….. I will need to sell 6-8 paintings out of the 21 including at least one large canvas to break even.

Theme/title of exhibition  to be “VINTAGE FLEURIEU”. So the subjects need to be all things old and/or winery related. historic buildings, artefacts, sheds, farming equipment, old vehicles, not forgetting old trees and Yakkas etc for aesthetic appeal.

I must not lose sight of making sure that the historic nature of my subjects must be composed to ensure they are aesthetically appealing. Do I make deep and meaningful historical statements? or keep entirely to communicating the beauty of light and shadow on ‘vintage’ subjects from the Fleurieu peninsular??? something to think about further.!!!

Trips to the Fleurieu peninsular to be planned and early morning and late afternoon photo opportunities to be factored in.

Already trip to Goolwa/Victor Harbor has been quite fruitful. Cockle train,  paddle steamers, old bridges and historic buildings have been photographed. Some of the lighting is not ideal and may have to go back to reshoot at different times of the day.

Now starting on some watercolours while waiting for canvasses to be made.

The process has started.







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