New Directions 2013

The beginning of this year brings a new direction for my art. No longer do I have the  benefit of an exhibition at Rawnsley Park for the ‘Brush with Art’  in September every year.

Consequently I am now the proud member of  Marion Art Group, which operates out of a wonderful facility (community hall) in Marino. MAG is an extremely well run group of artists who regularly exhibit together in various venues in the southern suburbs. Monday morning sessions involve working on own work and participating in various activities including workshops, demonstrations, excursions and a three day trip away working ‘plein aire’. Some members have been part of the group for thirty years and still love every minute of their involvement.

The dedicated committee is strong in numbers and consists of office bearers and sub committees to deal with the various activities. They work very hard to ensure that their systems ( reviewed and improved over many years), are  professional  and efficient, so all members have opportunities to exhibit and/or participate in the actvities of the group. I have been very impressed from the first Monday morning session when I was greeted by friendly and knowledgable people.

I have already become inspired and am currently working on watercolours and acrylics which I can hopefully exhibit at ‘Marion Celebrates’ late March and then at Marion Shopping centre late April and early May.

 Some photos of this work will be posted soon.

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