Welcome to Jim’s first website/blog

It has been a long and challenging learning experience, but finally I have something up and running. Learning to create a web-site/blog on line has at times been frustrating, but I have finally started to understand what I am doing.

You will be able to access information about me, my activities and thoughts as an artist, but more importantly, view an ever increasing collection of my art.

Some of the art displayed has already been sold. Other pieces are not for sale (NFS) as they hold special significance for me. Others are fairly recent pieces that are for sale.

Please make comments or requests in the reply box . What do you think? What information can you add? What do you like about my art?  What do you think I could do to improve it???(  I am always looking for constructive feedback). If you want to discuss the purchase of any piece on display, or wish to talk about a commission, indicate your interest and contact details .

You will find reply boxes on every page of this site.

I hope that you enjoy looking.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Jim’s first website/blog

  1. Thanks Kathy for replying so promptly. Congratulations on being the first to do so. Hopefully others will be encouraged to add comments. Thank you for your poetic words!

  2. Jim,
    Yours is a talent of light and interpretation.
    Your eyes receive the light, and your hands interpret that light into art, through the various media that convey your art.

    The beauty of Australia seen both in the macro and the micro. Stunning vistas of majestic landscapes, or in the outback, sky-scapes reflecting the timelessness of the land. The broad bush of nature and time, soothed by the subtlety of a single bush. Life reflected in its shadows, a Kangaroo outlined in its branches, a Kookaburra in its leaves.

    Thank you for sharing your interpretation of light and life… welcome to the net.

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