Exhibition at the Westward Ho Golf Club

Opening of this exhibition is at 7.30 pm on Friday 8th June and will be available for viewing throughout the next week until 4.00 pm Thursday 14th June. (Open 10.00 am to 5.00pm most days). Eight members of the golf club are displaying their work showing different styles and subjects in nearly 70 art works.

My contribution is 17 pieces ranging from small pen drawings to full acrylic paintings. My subjects range from images of my travels interstate through to interpretations of scenes from the golf club .

‘Splashout Art Studios’ of Brighton are providing sponsorship and one of the raffle prizes. Other raffle prizes include a painting from myself and from another artist Suzy Tilly.

Below is one of the paintings completed for the exhibition, shown in three stages of progress!  (click for larger images)

first coast of paint, 9th Green at Dusk








I use Ateliar Interactive acrylics. Ceruleun Blue and Colbolt Turquise deep were mixed and blended with white to create the feeling of clouds building in the sky.

Sap green and yelow ochre with a touch of transparent yellow were blended to provide perspective in the golf course colour of the green. The club house and bridge is drawn in with conte using reference photos for accuracy.

Background added, 9th Hole at dusk

  The club house, trees and bridge are then constructed carefully with layers of paint using the colours already used with some Paynes Grey to help achieve the darker tones. The flag stick is drawn in with conte, paying attention to reference photos to get the scale and feeling of distance correct.

Detail added, finished painting 9th Hole at Dusk

Fluffiness of clouds is worked on and details of the terrain in front of the club house and fringe of the green. Yellow ocre is splashed top right of the green to show some bare patches. The flag stick and flag are carefully painted in and an  elongated shadow is added to emphasis the time of day.  The Flagstick is the focal point and has been deliberately placed one third in from the left to then draw the eye along the bridge and to the clubhouse. Further glazes of sap green mixed with paynes grey are added to the ‘green’ to show the dips and swayles of a notoriously difficult green.

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