Flagstaff Hill Rotary Art Show

A very successful experiment. Marion Art Group entering as a group at the Flagstaff Hill Art Show 2017. To be part of such a well organised and run exhibition and play a significant role in its success was a feather in our cap. As a group, we sold 66 paintings, two thirds of which were from our very successful, ‘un-framed’ basket.  I was also part of the team of 12 artist from our group which staged a ‘Group Demonstration’.

Personally my sales were more than I could have hoped for. 3 out of 4 acrylics on the screens sold. These acrylics were a new development in my theme about Australian wildlife’s ability to camouflage themselves in their surroundings. Now I am trying to concentrate on one creature in the composition, in proportion to its habitat.  I am working on achieving some realism and believability to the finished work. My aim is to create a mood through use of colour and technique of the different habitats I am painting.  The inclusion of fine details of the habitat are intended to draw attention away from the ‘hiding’ creature.

‘Wading in Karijini Ravine, WA’, medium sized acrylic on canvas board, SOLD

‘Resting at Arkarra Lagoon’, Qld, medium sized acrylic on canvas board, SOLD

‘Escape from Stanley Chasm, NT’, small acrylic on stretched canvas , SOLD

I was very pleased to sell 8 out of my 11 small paintings from our ‘un-framed’ Basket. These were mostly watercolours using very intensely coloured inks. I have been experimenting with this medium lately. I have discovered that if I use my many photos to get started with the focal point of the composition ( A tree, a bush, a bird, a wrecked car etc) and then use very soft wet on wet techniques to make up the backgrounds I can complete these small pieces in one or two hours. Ideal pieces to add a mount-board to and sell for $40-$60 !!!!! (And very enjoyable to create!!!). I was surprised that they sold so well.

‘Abandoned Thames’, small watercolour using Schmincke inks, SOLD

‘Moody Range’, small watercolour using Schmincke Inks. SOLD

‘Wild Scrub’, small watercolour using Schmincki Inks. SOLD

‘Hidden outcrop’, small watercolour using Schmincki Inks. SOLD

‘Fraser Island Tree’, small watercolour using Schmincki inks. SOLD

‘Storm Lit Beach’, small acrylic. SOLD

‘Stately White Ibis’, small watercolour using Schmincki ink. SOLD

‘Proud Wedge Tail’, small watercolour using Schmincki inks. SOLD