Victor Harbor Rotary Art Show

My fourth year at Victor. This year 1110 entries. Down in numbers from previous years. With two days to go approx. 400 paintings sold. All 3 of mine included. This is the first time I have sold all three!. I think this means that I will be invited to submit 5 paintings next time???????

‘Abandoned Cottage’: Acrylic on canvas, 700 X 450 mm, SOLD

‘A Nostalgic Retreat’: Acrylic on canvas, 700 x 450 mm, SOLD

‘Timeless Elegance’: Acrylic on canvas, 700 x 450 mm, SOLD

My painting at the City of Marion Art Exhibition at Gallery M did not sell….but…..a very discerning young lady and her husband wanted to buy it off me to help decorate their newly painted dining room. Of course I didn’t accept payment from flesh and blood!!

‘Renmark Back Waters’: acrylic on canvas, 700 X 450, GIFTED.

This has been an amazingly profitable start to 2017. I now need to get down to some serious creation so I have material for other exhibitions this year.

2017 starts with a ‘People’s Choice’ award.

First time exhibiting at the Port Adelaide Rotary Art Show had its rewards! Sold two out of three and ………’Tree Life Belair’ not only sold but was obviously  popular with the public to be given it’s second Peoples Choice award. This means a lot to me as the Port Adelaide Rotary Art Show is a fairly prestigious art exhibition which has been going for thirty years. A feather in my cap!! The painting  is large, it is light filled, it is quirky and draws people to it to look more closely. The camouflaged animals idea is still selling. This year I will look for a different approach to this idea to keep me interested in the concept.

Note that ‘Tree Life Belair’ was developed from a small study of the tree which sold at Gallery ‘M’, shown in the last Post.

Tree Life, Belair

Tree Life, Belair

Also sold is a Painting left over from the Maxwell’s Solo exhibition three years ago. Sometimes persistence pays off with paintings that we feel are good enough to sell.

Currency Creek Cart

Currency Creek Cart

Now about to drop off three paintings to the Victor Harbor Art Show. All of old buildings from the Fleurieu Peninsular rendered in sepia tones. It will be interesting to see if they sell. If not then they are ideal for the Goolwa Rotary show coming up in March.

Marion Art Group restarts for the year on January 16. Looking forward to getting back with the group and having a good year together.