Success at Hallett Cove

A good result for me at the Hallett Cove Shopping centre exhibition. The Marion Art Group sold 41 of which 5 were mine!!!. We struggle to sell enough bigger, more expensive pieces to finish ahead at these exhibitions. Much to my delight, my larger canvas, ‘Dairy Country, Bega, NSW’ did sell. See gallery page Hallett Cove Exhibition to view those sold.

Six of my small unsold works from this exhibition have now been consigned to the Marion Cultural Centre art shop. I have ‘upped’ the price a little as this seems to be the practice amongst other MAG members. They are still cheap at $80 each ($68 after commission).

Also coming up in November is the City of Marion Art Exhibition at Gallery M. My entry into this is my ‘Wreckollections, Silverton, NSW’ which I an now attempting to sell for the second time. Fingers Crossed. The opening is at  2.00pm, Sunday 14 November

Hallet Cove shopping centre exhibition soon.

The Marion Art Group’s last major exhibition for the year will take place at Hallet Cove Shopping centre starting Monday 14th October and ending Sunday 27th . Viewing times will take place at normal shopping centre open times. I am now ready with my contributions to this exhibition and for the first time I have a full screen. I have been busy with small drawings and paintings of subjects inspired from our recent trip away to Western Australia and the far North. Below is a brief sample of what I have been working on.

Vlamingh Head Lighthouse, Exmouth WA
acrylic on canvas, 100 X 300 mm

Vlamingh Head Lighthouse, Exmouth WA'Black Kite, culinary choices'

‘Black Kite, culinary choices’

'Azure Kingfisher'

‘Azure Kingfisher’