January 2018 NEWS


Jim Green was very pleased to sell four out of five of his paintings at the Victor Harbor Rotary Art Show. “I was surprised”, he said, “I sold one early in the exhibition and then towards the end of the last day, I recieved notification that three others were taken.”

“It was a surreal feeling to be watching the cricket in our TV room, with text messages announcing each sale coming in one after the other throughout the afternoon.”

And Jim how are you now feeling about starting your newly appointed position of President of the Marion Art Group?

” It is a big responsibility, but I have a great team of dedicated artists around me who can guide me and work with me, so, I feel good about it but a little nervous”

The Four paintings sold below.

‘Walleroo Rocks’
Acrylic on canvas,
30 x 40 mm SOLD

‘Busy Butcher Bird’
Acrylic on canvas.
30 x 40 mm SOLD

‘Gull’s Eye View’
Acrylic on canvas
300 x 400 mm SOLD

‘Escape from Standley Chasm Too’
Acrylic on canvas
400 X 600 mm SOLD


As 2017 comes to a close….

….I am now ready to provide 5 Paintings for Victor Harbor Rotary Art Show. This event will take place Saturday 13th  to Saturday 20th January…….

…..and my new role as President of the Marion Art Group will keep me off the streets. I am looking forward to working with our committees and members to maintain the good reputation of our group in 2018.

2018 should be an interesting year. I am about to see if I can maintain an artist’s page on facebook as well as this web-site. It may be that this blog may end and continue on my website page soon.

I am also venturing into a series of tiny miniatures as an experiment. They will be 10 x 8 and 10 x 10 centimetres in size. Here is the first that is good enough to reveal. It certainly requires some thought about how to approach working so small.

Lorikeet 1

Happy Christmas and a fantastic New Year to all.

How do you pursuade the public to buy original art that is a bargain?

The Marion SC exhibition this year, was again, a great display of high quality art. Experienced MAG exhibitors and new members combined successfully for a very diverse collection of stunning and thought provoking original images. Unfortunately sales were way down in numbers reflecting the current economy.

I sold two small pieces shown here. The Magpie was $35, the teenage camel, $65. We did not sell many beautifull, bargain priced pieces, from all our artists. Has the time come to attempt selling on-line!!!?????

‘Watchfull Magpie’, brush and ink, 200 x 150 mm, SOLD

‘Whatdoyermean..the last straw’, acrylic on canvas, 150 x 150 mm, SOLD

Marion Shopping Centre Exhibition

Starting Monday 18th  and ending Sunday 24th September, the Marion Art Group displays its latest exhibition. This promises to be another high quality display and can be found on the top floor of the shopping centre adjacent to ‘Mr Minute’ during normal shopping centre opening times. This time, the painting donated to be raffled for ‘Grow SA’, is a gorgeous warm sandhill-scape by Liz Maxted. Looking forward to seeing many members of the public at the exhibition.

I have eight pieces on a half-screen and four in the ‘un-framed’ basket for the above exhbition. One of my pieces, “Wallaroo Rocks” below, has been freshened up with the addition of a shell in the forground to provide more depth to this piece.

‘Wallleroo Rocks’, Acrylic on canvas, 400x 300 mm.

I am now starting to think about preparing for a couple of end of year/early next year, exhibitions: The City of Marion Exhibition at Gallery M and the Victor Harbor Rotary Art show.

I am hoping to provide some insight into preparations for these two exhibitions via these posts, in the next couple of months.


Oh and I did sell a painting way back in May at the Colonnades Shopping Centre.

‘Pioneer Cottage Gate’ Acrylic on canvas, 300 x 200 mm. SOLD

Flagstaff Hill Rotary Art Show

A very successful experiment. Marion Art Group entering as a group at the Flagstaff Hill Art Show 2017. To be part of such a well organised and run exhibition and play a significant role in its success was a feather in our cap. As a group, we sold 66 paintings, two thirds of which were from our very successful, ‘un-framed’ basket.  I was also part of the team of 12 artist from our group which staged a ‘Group Demonstration’.

Personally my sales were more than I could have hoped for. 3 out of 4 acrylics on the screens sold. These acrylics were a new development in my theme about Australian wildlife’s ability to camouflage themselves in their surroundings. Now I am trying to concentrate on one creature in the composition, in proportion to its habitat.  I am working on achieving some realism and believability to the finished work. My aim is to create a mood through use of colour and technique of the different habitats I am painting.  The inclusion of fine details of the habitat are intended to draw attention away from the ‘hiding’ creature.

‘Wading in Karijini Ravine, WA’, medium sized acrylic on canvas board, SOLD

‘Resting at Arkarra Lagoon’, Qld, medium sized acrylic on canvas board, SOLD

‘Escape from Stanley Chasm, NT’, small acrylic on stretched canvas , SOLD

I was very pleased to sell 8 out of my 11 small paintings from our ‘un-framed’ Basket. These were mostly watercolours using very intensely coloured inks. I have been experimenting with this medium lately. I have discovered that if I use my many photos to get started with the focal point of the composition ( A tree, a bush, a bird, a wrecked car etc) and then use very soft wet on wet techniques to make up the backgrounds I can complete these small pieces in one or two hours. Ideal pieces to add a mount-board to and sell for $40-$60 !!!!! (And very enjoyable to create!!!). I was surprised that they sold so well.

‘Abandoned Thames’, small watercolour using Schmincke inks, SOLD

‘Moody Range’, small watercolour using Schmincke Inks. SOLD

‘Wild Scrub’, small watercolour using Schmincki Inks. SOLD

‘Hidden outcrop’, small watercolour using Schmincki Inks. SOLD

‘Fraser Island Tree’, small watercolour using Schmincki inks. SOLD

‘Storm Lit Beach’, small acrylic. SOLD

‘Stately White Ibis’, small watercolour using Schmincki ink. SOLD

‘Proud Wedge Tail’, small watercolour using Schmincki inks. SOLD

Victor Harbor Rotary Art Show

My fourth year at Victor. This year 1110 entries. Down in numbers from previous years. With two days to go approx. 400 paintings sold. All 3 of mine included. This is the first time I have sold all three!. I think this means that I will be invited to submit 5 paintings next time???????

‘Abandoned Cottage’: Acrylic on canvas, 700 X 450 mm, SOLD

‘A Nostalgic Retreat’: Acrylic on canvas, 700 x 450 mm, SOLD

‘Timeless Elegance’: Acrylic on canvas, 700 x 450 mm, SOLD

My painting at the City of Marion Art Exhibition at Gallery M did not sell….but…..a very discerning young lady and her husband wanted to buy it off me to help decorate their newly painted dining room. Of course I didn’t accept payment from flesh and blood!!

‘Renmark Back Waters’: acrylic on canvas, 700 X 450, GIFTED.

This has been an amazingly profitable start to 2017. I now need to get down to some serious creation so I have material for other exhibitions this year.

2017 starts with a ‘People’s Choice’ award.

First time exhibiting at the Port Adelaide Rotary Art Show had its rewards! Sold two out of three and ………’Tree Life Belair’ not only sold but was obviously  popular with the public to be given it’s second Peoples Choice award. This means a lot to me as the Port Adelaide Rotary Art Show is a fairly prestigious art exhibition which has been going for thirty years. A feather in my cap!! The painting  is large, it is light filled, it is quirky and draws people to it to look more closely. The camouflaged animals idea is still selling. This year I will look for a different approach to this idea to keep me interested in the concept.

Note that ‘Tree Life Belair’ was developed from a small study of the tree which sold at Gallery ‘M’, shown in the last Post.

Tree Life, Belair

Tree Life, Belair

Also sold is a Painting left over from the Maxwell’s Solo exhibition three years ago. Sometimes persistence pays off with paintings that we feel are good enough to sell.

Currency Creek Cart

Currency Creek Cart

Now about to drop off three paintings to the Victor Harbor Art Show. All of old buildings from the Fleurieu Peninsular rendered in sepia tones. It will be interesting to see if they sell. If not then they are ideal for the Goolwa Rotary show coming up in March.

Marion Art Group restarts for the year on January 16. Looking forward to getting back with the group and having a good year together.


'Within Belair National Park', acrylic on canvas, 300 mm x 100 mm, SOLD

‘Within Belair National Park’, acrylic on canvas, 300 mm x 100 mm, SOLD

'Life on Liverpool Road, Goolwa', acrylic on canvas, 400 mm x 600mm, SOLD

‘Life on Liverpool Road, Goolwa’, acrylic on canvas, 400 mm x 600mm, SOLD

'North Beach Walleroo', acrylic on canvas, 400 mm x 250 mm, SOLD

‘North Beach Walleroo’, acrylic on canvas, 400 mm x 250 mm, SOLD

'First Light', acrylic on canvas, 250 mm x 200 mm, SOLD.

‘First Light’, acrylic on canvas, 250 mm x 200 mm, SOLD.

'Last Light' , acrylic on canvas, 250 mm x250 mm framed, SOLD

‘Last Light’ , acrylic on canvas, 250 mm x250 mm framed, SOLD

'Pecking Order' acrylic on canvas, 300mm X 400mm, SOLD

‘Pecking Order’ acrylic on canvas, 300mm X 400mm, SOLD


Various paintings sold at Marion Shopping Centre and Gallery M at the Marion Cultural Centre.  I am having a good year with sales, especially with the small pieces.

The  Marion Art Group has now completed its exhibition program for the year and we now are looking at plans for 2017.

I do have some paintings ready to go for the Victor Harbour Show early in 2017. Therefore I can concentrate on the process of looking for inspiration for an already prepared 700 mm x 450mm canvas to enter into the end of the year City of Marion Exhibition. Peoples Choice awards two out of the last three  years is a good incentive to enter something special!!!

I wonder……… do something with flowers just for a change. Hardly a male’s subject, but if a striking, light filled, dramatic composition then this is a possibility…… some thought and going out with my camera for some fresh subjects is the way to go!!

Excessive Exhibitions

It has been busy.  Much organisation and work leading up to MAG’s Autism SA fund-raiser August 13th and 14th, at which I sold one of my unsold paintings from 2015.

'Bougainvillea in shadow', acrylic on canvas, 400mm x 300mm, SOLD

‘Bougainvillea in shadow’, acrylic on canvas, 400mm x 300mm, SOLD

At this event I also sold a donated painting at silent auction. My fellow artists at MAG encouraged me to donate a ‘hidden creatures’ creation.

I am getting to the stage where I have completed many of this type of painting and although I am, in the main, still selling them, I am fast approaching the time I need to move on. The last few have been a little stilted and ‘forced’ rather than flow naturally off the brush.

'Life on Mary River, NT' acrylic on canvas, 700mm x 550mm SOLD at silent auction

‘Life on Mary River, NT’
acrylic on canvas,
700mm x 550mm SOLD at silent auction

I currently have 4 small pieces in Gallery M, Marion Cultural Centre  at MAG’s latest exhibition, ‘LARGELY miniature’.

We are also about to exhibit at Marion Shopping Centre from  Monday 19th to Sunday 25th September. I will have a full screen displaying a variety of sizes of  paintings from miniatures  to  600mm x 400 mm canvases. 12 pieces in all

I am now trying to complete some back-up paintings just in case I sell. Must admit though , I haven’t sold well at Marion Shopping Centre in the past.

Hopefully at the next post I will have some more sales to report.

More SALES 2016 and……….

At the Marion Art Group Colonnades Shopping Centre Exhibition in March  and at the Hallet Cove Shopping Centre Exhibition in May/June I was very pleased to sell  more paintings. I was very happy with this result and am getting a sense now, of what tends to sell and what is perhaps not so appealing to the public. It seems that my hidden animal impressionistic paintings are still popular. Other wildlife and landscape work, providing they are loose, vibrant and somewhat different in angle or composition are also ‘saleable’.

'On the Road to Strathalbyn'

‘On the Road to Strathalbyn’

'Mothers Protection'

‘Mothers Protection’

'Pondering Percival'

‘Pondering Percival’

Coloured ink and brush, 200x 200 mm, SOLD

‘Mother’s Love’

'New Life on the Onkaparinga River'

‘New Life on the Onkaparinga River’

'life on the Onkaparinga River'

‘life on the Onkaparinga River’


A great thrill for me,  for the second time in three years,  to  win the ‘peoples choice’ award at the City of Marion Exhibition at Gallery M…..as yet unsold……but working on it.

'Tree Life, Belair'

‘Tree Life, Belair’